Tim McDowell
Guaranda, Ecuador

Bio: I'm a botanist from East Tennessee State University conducting a Fulbright project in Guaranda, Ecuador.

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3 Responses to About

  1. Thanks for your complete and colorful account of Salinas de Guaranda. I was planning a trip down through Chimborazo Province from where I live in Imbabura, and now I’m definitely working on a detour.

  2. George Richards says:

    Hi. Thanks for your thoughtful and entertaining blog. I am from Los Angeles, California, living in Quito for the next couple years. I have a passion for Gardenias and have four large plants. Three of them are on my balcony and one is inside. I know the basics about cultivating them (e.g., good drainage, acidic soil, filtered sunlight). But the ones on my balcony are not doing that well. Leaves are yellowing and it looks like they have some sooty mold. Do you happen to have some recommendations about growing Gardenias in Quito? I live in Gonzalez Suarez which is an area that gets a little colder at night and has lots of fog. I’d appreciate any insight you might have. Thank you!

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